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Self-extinguishing electric cable

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The purpose of this innovation is to automatically extinguish any original fire electric at its start. It is based on the self-extinguishing electric cable (1) presented on the drawing of Figures 1 and 2. In addition to the electrical power conductors (2), a non-rigid fire extinguisher tube (3) is integrated into the cable just like a conductor;
the plastic tube (3), ideally polyethylene, is connected to a tank, bottle or capsule (5) containing the extinguishing agent under pressure and therefore the tube, which is corked (4) at the other end, is also under pressure.
In the basic example in Figure 2, the extinguishing agent (7) is injected via the valve (6),
pressurizing the capsule (5) and the tube (3).
In the event of a short circuit on the cable, with or without flame, the tube sheath will start to melt and will rupture under pressure inside the tube and temperature.
By breaking the tube will release the extinguishing agent at the exact location of the fault and extinguish fire before it spreads. The rupture threshold of the special tube depends on the threshold of melting temperature of the material used. Usually the temperature range melting temperature of the different types of plastic is between 150 and 300 ° C.

Financial information

Power cable, to be developed for sectors sensitive to fire (chemicals, petrochemicals, Atex, aeronautics, marine, etc.)
Sale: $ 50,000

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