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Concept VIPA’F (Virtual Passenger Freight)

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Application domain
According to IATA, 4.3 billion passengers were carried in 2018, with an aircraft occupancy rate of 81.9%; the rate of empty seats is therefore 18.1%, or the equivalent of 778 million passengers not transported. With 20 kg of baggage per passenger not transported, the total weight of corresponding baggage (not transported) would be 15.5 million tonnes. Likewise, we can consider that the total weight corresponding to non-transported passengers would be 50.5 million tonnes (at a rate of 65 kg / passenger). The total weight deficit transported is therefore 66 million tonnes. This figure reduced to the level of a single aircraft with 10 empty seats would be 850Kg. As an example, the airline operating this aircraft would be permitted, under the concept, to carry the equivalent in freight.
The concept
This is a project with great potential, which puts in place the logistics necessary to provide a service to airlines, in particular enabling them to compensate for the shortfall due to low passenger jet fill rates. The project is materialized by the creation of a specialized operator, the operator VIPA'F, at the level of the major airports; this operator's mission is to organize and manage this freight by providing services to airlines; it should serve as an interface between the ordering parties (individuals, parcel transport companies, businesses, etc.) and service providers, the various airport services, security control, as well as customs in the case of flights international. It will have to have dedicated spaces in airports to process the goods to be transported. The abbreviation VIPA'F must relate to a well-defined and regulated segment of goods.
Mission of the operator VIPA'F
- Establish the statutes and specifications to be approved by the various authorities.
- Standardize the VIPA'F freight operation, create a standard unitary container, clearly identified and branded, in which the goods will be placed. The weight of a VIPA'F unit or package must be 85 kg (equivalent to the weight of a passenger with luggage) to facilitate rapid handling before the flight.
- Proceed to security and customs control of its packages which are sealed by these services
- Set up the procedure to send and receive packages
- Create an operational VIPA'F office in the airport
- Manage legal documentation
- Set up a data exchange protocol with flight management

How it works
Parcel shipping: The VIPA'F office exchanges flight registration data in real time, and the availability of parcels to be sent; at H-30 min, the airline with empty seats may request to forward a number of VIPA'F packages depending on availability and destination; of course these packages, ready to be loaded, have been checked and sealed by the security and customs services. It is obvious that the VIPA'F operator must respond quickly and be able to manage multiple flights; this is possible knowing that he knows in advance the potential number of empty seats in the various "departure" flights, thanks to reservations. The packages are loaded in the passenger baggage hold.
Receipt of packages: The VIPA'F operator collects its clearly identified packages on arrival of flights, on the passenger baggage delivery belt.

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