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EZDraw Body Armor

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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Body armor is a necessity for police
officers fighting crime around the world. It
can also be quite cumbersome to wear in
active situations making side actions like
drawing a weapon difficult. This is caused by
the overlapping bulletproof material.
EZDraw™ is a body armor that improves
the safety and mobility of body armor by reducing
this unnecessary bulk. By reducing
the redundant padding caused by overlapping
material, it is thinner giving more room
and flexibility to the officer.
Developed by a police executive who
was a tactical team leader and firearms instructor,
with many years of firsthand experience,
the body armor has been fine-tuned to
give equal amounts of flexibility and safety.
The thicker previous materials in use
caused the officers to have to lean away
from the weapon and additionally to have to
go out and around the padding as it is in the
direct path of the drawing of the weapon.
This thinner material provides the flexiblity
and enables a straighter draw path.
These additional seconds saved add
up and can be crucial in tense situations
possibly helping save a life.

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