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In my patent I describe three different methods for creating energy.
Here is a new type of power plant, three of them actually. One is to shoot a cannonball up from underground to the top where it enters a loop on the ground, from there you would take the cannonball out of the loop and lower it in a bucket attached to an elevator type turbine. The second idea is to pre cut the ground above an explosive so the piece of earth pops out like a square peg sitting in a square hole. This method would dramatically increase energy conversion of the explosion into cratering. You could then lower weight back into the crater and run a power generator again. The third method is the same as the first, but instead of using a cannonball as the weight you use water, which in a giant pool, like a thousand foot cube, is a lot of cannonballs. That would be of benefit to fusion reactions which are big and fast.

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