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Cable rod guiding device

[Category : - Tools]
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A cable rod guiding device including a housing assembly, an arm assembly, a camera assembly, and a control assembly. The cable rod guiding device is mounted to a cable rod to be maneuvered within an obstructed space. The housing assembly includes a housing having a first portion and a second portion. The control assembly includes a motor housed in the second portion to control an articulating arm of the arm assembly. The camera assembly includes a camera to provide a view of the obstructed space to detect and overcome obstructions along the obstructed space through which the cable rod guiding device is maneuvered through. Upon the detection of an obstruction, the obstruction is avoided or overcome through the usage of the articulating arm being controlled by a user and the control assembly. Allowing the user to safety, efficiently, and effectively pass cable through the obstructed space with minimal effort.

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