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[Category : - Heating & Cooling- RENEWABLE ENERGY- OTHER]
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A modular heat exchange system for use in central heat exchange installations in buildings. The system comprises at least one heat exchange element equipped for exchanging heat between environmental air and a fluid which is conducted through the heat exchange element. The system further comprises at least one non-heat-exchange add-on element, equipped for adding a given additional functionality to the system, having a predetermined second shape, such that the first shape of the heat exchange element continues into the second shape of the add- on element. The invention also relates to a central heat exchange installation in a building, comprising both a central heating unit and a central cooling unit.

Financial information

I would like to sell, License out or collaborate my Intellectual Property of a Modular heat Exchange System. An heat exchanger for the domestic household (and businesses) which can heat, cool, ventilate, humidify, etc., possibility to connect the heating in a modular way. This to create a perfect atmosphere, a balanced inside/outside temperature control. Directly implementable on the existing warm water heating systems. Energy saving and an ecological device (energy saving).
Tested in collaboration with world leading international companies & by universities.
Several prices won by invention events.
Very good global patent strategy!

If you would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate contacting me.

Thank You,

Rony Willems

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