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Evacuates Spills, Cleans Floors, Reduces Cross Contamination

[Category : - OTHER- Appliances and houseware- CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENT]
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This US patented device sucks up all types of bio and hazardous accidental spills and stores them in a reservoir. After every spill is removed off the floor this device can self sanitize itself so that it can be safely used again without the threat of bacteria colonizing inside or create a foul smell. Mop and buckets spread out a spill, as well as cause contamination, wastes precious water and causes the over uses dangerous chemicals. This patent comes with several robust working prototypes of several different designs to be used in different industries such as: Hospital, Cruise Ships, Grocery Stores, Labs, Food Processing Plants, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Airports, Arenas, Malls, Food Courts, Office Building, Pet Clinics and much, much more! Marketing materials are also included with the patent. To see videos of the Spill Master in action and additional information, visit:


This device can be the next Dyson. Using old methods that cause slip & falls which injure hundreds of thousands of people a year to creating unsafe environments by taking a filthy string mop from a bathroom to a dinning area Spill Master is now a game changer in the Medical, Cleaning and Retail world!!!!

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This product has never been sold in the market and has all the marketing material and professional videos available to sell to a vast array of industries. The prototypes are all operational and ready to be tested to substantiate the patents claims as the best device to replace any Shop Vac, Wet-Vac or Mop & Bucketon the market today!

Please consider the above when making an offer.