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A Fully Automatic Dishwasher Apparatus And Method Therefor

[Category : - Cleaning devices]
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Current dishwashers do not continuously wash a large number of plates continuously. They do not clean the plate thoroughly. Only high-pressure water rinsing is being carried out. And they take large space, more time and investment.
To overcome all these issues, I have developed a fully automatic continuous dishwashing machine. Dishes need to be stacked on the rack provided on top of the device. Dishes will be one by one pushed down in a chamber where they will be rinsed, soap water sprayed, scrubbed, and washed sequentially, and finally cleaned dishes will be stacked on a platform. Very much useful in hotels, function halls, messes, canteens, etc.
India Patent No: 383098
Application No. : 201721024747
Date of Filing : 13/07/2017
Date of Granted : 29/11/2021

Financial information

IP is not yet licensed or sold.
I am ok with licensing territory rights or licensing regular ongoing royalty or one-time royalty with handing over full rights of the IP.
It has great market potential. It is very much useful in hotels, function halls, messes, canteens, etc.
Valuation : Dishwasher market cap for 2018 globally is 6.17 billion USD. Link

Valuation : Mkt cap of dishwasher in India is 250 Cr and by 2026 667 cr. Link

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