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"Underwater ice-cutting device".

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The utility model relates to the field of shipbuilding, namely to vessels with devices for cutting ice. in particular to means that provide the possibility of extending navigation by creating conditions for the easy destruction of ice floes by ice-breaking vessels. There are known devices designed for the mechanical destruction of ice floes in underwater position. For example, a submarine with ice-cutting knives [1]. The disadvantages of this type of device are high energy consumption during operation, heavy load on ice-cutting knives and, as a result, impossibility of destroying a thicker ice floe.
There is as well a submarine for scientific research of the polar region with a saw for cutting ice [2]. This submarine is designed to perform work in a submerged and semi-submerged position autonomously, a saw is used in its working body to destroy an ice floe. It is also fitted with other equipment for solving specific tasks of scientific research. In this submarine an ice-cutting saw is located in a cock pit (cabin), the width of which is more than the width of the cut made by the saw. The ship makes a cut in an ice floe, and then destroys it by breaking, moving forward. This process is energy-consuming, and can be impossible if ice is too thick.

Thus, the devices described above have a different purpose and cannot be accepted as a prototype. However, when conducting a patent search, the author did not find devices that can he taken as a close analogue, i.e. prototype.

The task of the utility model is to create a device for easy destruction of ice floes of any thickness by ice-breaking vessels continuously for a long period of time.
The task is solved by means of the underwater ice-cutting device which is remotely controlled and consists of two parts: lower and upper. The lower part is the undercarriage and the upper part is the ice cutting unit. The ice-cutting unit is connected to the undercarriage by spring-loaded levers. The ice-cutting unit has ski elements for sliding and successively arranged saws, configured to create a cut with increasing depth by each of the saws.

The use of the utility model makes it possible to extend navigation in the polar latitudes, increase the speed of advancement of vessels in ice floes, as well as reduce the costs of overcoming them. The essence of the utility model is illustrated by figures, which depict a general view of the device.

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