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Snow and Ice Removing Apparatus

[Category : - OTHER- Tools]
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An apparatus for removing ice dams from a roof and ice walkways. The apparatus includes an elongated shaft having a first end and a second end, with a length adjustment mechanism. The first end of the shaft is configured to be gripped by a user, wherein the second end includes a fastener for removably securing a dispenser or a scraper thereto. The dispenser includes a container for receiving ice melting material therein and a cap removably covering an open end of the container. The cap includes a plurality of apertures that can dispense the ice melting material therethrough. A user operates the apparatus to dispense the ice melting material in normally inaccessible areas, such as roofs. The scraper includes a body that can break apart large formations of ice and an overhang that can be used to scrape off the broken pieces of ice from the difficult to reach areas.

Financial information

My husband and I are Looking for $15,000.00 plus 5% royalties and this is negotiable.

The market potential is hopefully in favor of an adequate amount, especially when it prevents severe damage to interior walls and ceilings from ice dam build-ups and is geared towards property owners, who need this product to prevent them from the dangers of climbing ladders outside in cold and icy weather.