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3D printer pultrusion head compatible with Twintex® or any other Co-Mingled glass and thermoplastic reinforcements yarns acting as a filament for FFF based additive manufacturing technology for cost efficient stiffness/strength facilitated parts.
In order to achieve the promise FFF bear of part performance the printing filaments material costs skyrockets. At the same time mechanical performance only mildly increases with short fibre reinforcement as carbon etc. FFF high performance (UltemTM CF – roughtly 750 eur/kg or FibreX™ PEEK GF20 - roughtly 650 eur/kg) filament street price range easily reaches above hundreds of euros giving a market entry barrier for market uptake and scalability. While raw co-mingled yarns widely available in traditional textile industries are left waiting to be incorporated in FFF processes even though the benefits are obvious - performance, cost and scalability required by industrial uptake.
Developed patent pending 3D print head is a cornerstone of given technology. Invention is modular in order to ease its integration in various 3D printers, robots and gantry systems. However, slight modifications (e.g. mounting adapter plates, electrical connections, firmware or EEPROM configuration changes, etc.) might need to be performed depending on host system configuration. Currently, the 3D printhead has been implemented and tested in multiple Mass Portal 3D printers, as well as in Ender series, and a modification has been made to adapt a custom Isel CNC machine and Kuka robotic arm.

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Sale: lump-sum.
RTU is selling international patent application at the auction.
Starting price is 25.000,00 Eur (excluding VAT).
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