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Online computing system, solve anything instantly.

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Big Idea

An online computer portal that is intended to solve any computation problem by using web form in the shortest time, at any time, and anywhere. It is used as a research tool, productivity tool, educational tool and design tool, to replace all known computing devices and methods (US 9,105,005 US 9,977,669).

The Solution

The system is built by combined back-end database and computation algorithms. To solve a problem, you will need only four steps: search to find the solution, click a link to open the computation form, fill data, and click to get the results. It can save 50% to 99.9% time to get right answer. It has the following advantages:

(1) Enable laypersons and untrained persons to solve a huge number of problems that they otherwise could not. No need to remember equations, constants, and math manipulation. It just accept data and return result in the fastest way.

(2) Change the time scale for solving problems from hours to days to a minute for most computing problems.

(3) It has the capability of solving "everything" which could be solved.

(4) Dramatically expand the problem-solving geographic coverage from traditional limited computer points to all areas where internet access is provided.

(5) Search feature and HTTP standby nature allow users to use any problem-solving capability.

(6) Improved accuracy in comparison with the traditional four-step method: searching for concept, collecting data, finding a computing instrument, and conducting computation.

(7) User-friendly standardized four-step user interface. When a user knows how to use one question, the user knows how to solve other questions.

(8) Open-source design allows public members to add new computation capability.


It is a tool for everyone. Since solving problems are fundamental activities of the mankind, it will have the greatest impact. It affects all human fundamental activities in all walks of life. It is useful to people in all walks of life, including learning, education, retail product evaluation, banking and financial services, professional services, research and development, family management, shopping, health management, environment protection, product designs, and home project design etc. Due to lack of use culture, many potential uses are non-obvious at this time and a large number of use will appear.
It can help users save 50%-99% times and enable them to do things they otherwise could not. By using phones, tablets, users now can solve problems anywhere, any time, and in shortest time as long as internet access is provided. It is more powerful and more convenient than any known computation instrument. It is more user-friendly than any current computing system and methods. Its computing and problem-solving capability can reach much larger geographic area than known computing facilities. It can host a huge number of computing and problem-solving method and its computing methods can be found by using project ID, category number, keywords, and advanced search method. It provides the user-friendly user interface, and a user only needs to learn the method once. It helps users avoid successive key errors which are often unavoidable with a calculator. Its open-source design allows users to add computing and problem solving methods from remote locations.
By the time its capacity is fully realized, it will profoundly affect how humans solve their routine problems in research and development, product designs, goods production, and goods distribution. It can dramatically increase human productivity in all walks of life, increase the population's ability to solve problems, make people smarter in that they can understand social, economic, material, health problems by numbers rather than by guess.

Financial information

Consider any options.

grant the patent to one who wants to create the biggest computation portal for a small upfront fee, and a small share of interest. (A fully working prototype is available from nearly 10 years of development)


Sell the patent

If you are interested in bringing this big invention to the light of day, I would like to hear from you.