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AZIMUTH THRUSTER: purely mechanical without reaction torque

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We have achieved to solve several very difficult problems in mechanical engineering, resulting in innovative mechanisms, while we have designed, constructed and tested a few of these new mechanisms.
We have filed two patent applications with excellent search reports and plenty of applications in the field of power transmission and more specifically in the field of vessel azimuth thrusters, wind turbines, robots, turret-carrying vehicles and extreme ground clearance vehicles; more at: Link

A very important application of the one Mechanism (WO/2021/260400), named "ELEUTHERO-STROPHE" and with a degree of maturity 100%, is on the steering bracket of an AZIMUTH THRUSTER of a VESSEL, using the "ELEUTHERO-STROPHE" in order to transmit power from the engine shaft of the vessel to the propeller shaft, absolutely INDEPENDENTLY of the ENDLESS orientation of the steering bracket, achieving at the same time any required transmission ratio using the other Mechanism (WO/2021/165707), named "EXTREME" and with a degree of maturity 100% as well, within the same Mechanism, with FOUR only MOVING PARTS between the engine shaft and the propeller shaft; more at: Link

Main advantages:
No extra power for the azimuth/yaw motors in order to compensate the reaction torque; this power now is equal to the power that moves the propeller!
This results in more than 97% overall efficiency; in other words:
low cost operation.
No hydraulic power transmission to the propellers.
Low cost construction.
Low cost maintenance.
Increased reliability due to the minimum moving parts and lack of hydraulic components.

Financial information

Owning the total of the patent rights without obligations and limitations, both selling and licensing are under negotiation.

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