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Multipurpose Electrochemical Production and Waste Valorization

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elerGreen's patented cleantech utilizes the novel continuous solid removal electrochemical reactor to recover valuable polymers, metals and chemicals from chemical waste. Other than waste valorization, the solution is unique for its flexible design, either as standalone newly-built process, or as retrofit to existing facilities, to reduce cost yet enhancing reliability. In many cases, the electrochemical reactor allows by-product recovery to be omitted to further save costs:

Historically, the idea of producing polymers electrochemically is known for its nature of low cost and low environmental footprint yet deemed a wet dream of cleantech, limited to a niche of conductive polymer. The reason is that to perform such electrochemical reaction, the solid has to be conductive or it would quickly halt the reaction by blocking the conductivity, as it forms on electrode surface. elerGreen solved this electrode blockage problem, by an inventive step whereby the electrode is redesigned to be in relative motion against a removal blade, such that non-conductive polymer solids can be scrubbed continuously from the electrode to mitigate the blockage problem.

While initially designed to solve blockage problems of non-conductive polymer against stopping electrochemical reaction, the novel solid removal reactor is lower (capital and operating) cost, more efficient and more scalable method of electrometallurgy to produce valuable metals out of either tailings waste or heavy metal reactants.

The novel elerGreen reactor is further unique for its elegant modular design to ease manufacturing, deployment and scale-up, where the device can be readily disassembled, reassembled, and stacked.

Financial information

elerGreen proposes a collaborative sales/licensing to implement the technology for licensee to detoxify chemical wastes while producing saleable products. Outright nor partial sale is unlikely though any offer or express of interest is welcomed.

Such collaborative sales/licensing involves involve funding programs where licensee posts a deposit, matched by government grants, to build the full-scale reactor intended for the licensee’s use. At the end of the project, the licensee purchases the reactor at discounted price, together with a joint-defense license against infringement. The licensee may then elect to replicate further purchase as a next bigger project.

Other than environmental and economic benefits by waste valorization, the technology contributes to climate change action for being powered by renewable electricity, instead of fossil fuels combustion in traditional industry. Its flexible design to retrofit existing facilities to reduce cost yet enhancing reliability, while its modular device assembly allows scaling up its impact indefinitely.

The patent examination report has already demonstrated the patentability of the technology, while there is also trademark on elerGreen brand as pioneer:

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