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The group of inventions relates to the field of interdisciplinary robotics engineering, forming a new approach, and more particularly to technology for the polyfunctional modeling of the neuromuscular system. The proposed group of devices includes: models of muscles attached to movably connected kinematic links; sensors; a control unit; and a system for maintaining an optimal working temperature. The distinguishing feature of the present technology for the polyfunctional modeling of the neuromuscular system is the fact that the muscle models consist of a set of components that apply a motive force to the kinematic links of the device, forming working groups of different combinations and configurations. The device for the polyfunctional modeling of the neuromuscular system models biological feedback and the dynamic formation of functional relations by the neuromuscular system of living beings when performing motor tasks, thus making it possible to simulate not only intermuscular coordination, but also intramuscular coordination. The technical result consists in creating a device for modeling the neuromuscular system which can be used in the creation of robots and robotic and biocybernetic systems.

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