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"Fantastic Plate" - for cooking food

[Category : - Cooking]
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"Fantastic Plate" belongs to the devices for heat treatment of food or their heating. It can be used in fast food chains, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, as well as at home, at work, on the road, even in space to heat food or to maintain the optimal temperature of food for a long time. The utility model is based on the task of creating a device for heat treatment of food, which will be small, light, easy to use, so that it can be quickly, and most importantly, not harmful to the environment and human health, to heat food, or cook a simple, uncomplicated dish, for example, scrambled eggs. The technical result of the claimed utility model is that the proposed electric grid is, so to speak, three in one: a plate, a frying pan and a sterilizer. The applicant therefore called it a "Fantastic Plate". Its base and frame are made of safe insulating dielectric material, such as bamboo. "Fantastic plate" can be a reliable helper not only at home in the kitchen, but also at work in the office, in the factory shop, on the road, in any uncomfortable conditions, it is enough to connect it to the mains. And, if you use environmentally friendly energy sources, such as solar or wind energy, the claimed product can be used in any tourist routes. Due to the fact that the "Fantastic Plate" does not emit any electromagnetic fields, it can be used without fear, along with working mobile phone, computer, laptop or other electronic devices.
Additional household benefits of using the "Fantastic plate":
- small size (hence the name "plate"), light, easy to use,
- it does not need to be washed, ie there is a saving of water,
- no need for dishwashing detergents,
- no need for gas stove, electric stove, firewood for cooking or heating food,
- no need for pans or saucepans,
- no oil or other fat needed,
- no need for a gas water heater, boiler or centralized hot water for washing dishes.

"Fantastic plate" allows you to evenly heat food, where the burning of food is completely excluded. Cooked products have a pleasant aroma, taste and are useful to eat, because by heating food, it is also sterilized. Thanks to the use of high-quality high-temperature infrared film, pathogenic viruses, bacteria and various parasites are destroyed. In view of all the above, the owners of the "Fantastic Plate" will contribute to solving the pressing problems of mankind related to global warming: saving fresh water and the use of clean energy on Earth!

Financial information

Fantastic Plate has a fantastic economic effect!

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