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Infringed Patent and Trademark Ray Charles Easy Shine

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We have identified 15 Companies that are willfully selling our patented hand held electric shoe shiner without permission or approval
Due to the cost associated with defending our patent rights we have opted to sale our patent and trademark.
proposed litigation
Patent infringement to former manufacturer location Ohio, USA for manufacturing, distribution and sale of our patented hand held electric shoe shiner along with 15 affiliates. In addition seeking the return of the product mold that was paid for in full.

The RAY CHARLES EASY SHINE hand held electric shoe polisher is perfect for professionals who desire to maintain their sharp appearance in an effortless manner. Surprisingly, there is little competition for our product, as it is lightweight, portable, with removable brushes and a USB port. It allows everyone to look their best without the mess.

You can easily view product photos and see a demonstration here:
You Tube (Ray Charles Easy Shine)

Personal care is key to image, and keeping shoes polished is a hallmark of success in both business and personal affairs. Our simple yet innovative Easy Shine is affordable, at only $49.99 ($24.99 wholesale) per buff.

Hand Held portable. Dimensions 2.’5 x 3’ x 3’. Weight: 1.2 lbs.
Rechargeable Batteries and USB Port for 110 Outlet (Dual Outlet for Wall/Computer/Car Charging)
Color: Black Base with Grey Housing

A handheld electric shoe polisher can quickly polish shoes in a compact device. The handheld electric shoe polisher comprises a housing mechanically coupled to hand grip. The housing is further mechanically coupled to universal service bus port and a switch. The housing is mechanically coupled to a drive shaft; the drive shaft is mechanically coupled to gear box. The gear box is mechanically coupled to a motor. The motor is electrically coupled to a battery. The drive shaft is further mechanically coupled to a shoe shine attachment. In this manner a user, can charge the battery by electrically coupling the universal service bus port to a power source and the user can engage the battery with the switch to power the motor, turning the drive shaft and causing the shoe shine attachment to rotate. The user can utilize the shoe shine attachment to shine shoes.