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[Category : - Appliances and houseware- HEALTH- Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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The invention relates to a door lever unit or door lever wherein a device that is integrated, can output UV radiation or UVC radiation along the extent of the handle and onto the surface thereof with a beam cone, wherein the radiation head is connected to a power supply, and a position sensor and/or a presence sensor is/are provided for activating the radiation head, wherein the readiness of the disinfected handle for use is indicated using a display, wherein the display can indicate different operating states, or operating modes, using different colours. Power can be supplied by both batteries or the available 220V/230V network. The result is a product that is capable of safely disinfecting door handles within 10-15 seconds, without the use of liquids or any other materials that need refill. The invention can cover a wide range of product concepts, ranging from professional care units (dentists/hospitals/laboratories) to home appliances (toilet doors/bathroom doors) to public places like cinema's, restaurants, shops etc. Depending on the targeted market the product can be integrated in door lever systems or a retro-fit model to fit the standard door levers on the market.

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