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[Category : - HEALTH- Fitness]
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Tandups is a tandem sit-up device that allows two users to perform sit-ups simultaneously. The device is positioned on the floor and is able to adjust for the users height. The device leverages the weight of each user to perform a more stable sit-up. Since the device is used by two users it create a "friendly competition" so each user is more inclined to performed more sit-ups than they otherwise would individually. This device can also be used by 1 person if a partner is unavailable. The tandem sit-up device has two support frameworks pivotably interconnected by a pivot bar so that the device moves between a flat, operable condition and a folded, storage condition. A distal end of the support framework provides a seat portion. The pivot bar provides an inner disc and outer disc rotatable relative to each other for moving between the operable and storage conditions. Each disc type provides a pair of arms for a proximal end of each support framework to selectively attach to so that a distance between the associated seat portion and a foot strap supported by the pair of arms.

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