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[Category : - HEALTH]
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The present invention relates to a kind of gloves, particularly disposable elastomeric gloves with a sweat-absorbing function. The present invention provides moisture-absorbing properties to
elastomeric gloves, wherein the moisture movement to a flat surface direction is more easily generated than that to a perpendicular direction. With this moisture movement to the flat surface direction, moisture in the entire glove’s palm base spreads and drains to the rear side of the hand where the sweat-absorbing patch is attached to inside the glove. However, the present invention is distinct from existing gloves in a way wherein existing gloves comprising of sweat-absorbing fibrous material throughout the inner surface
unnecessarily increase the thickness of gloves hindering the comfort of the wearer. The present invention is to provide a glove with a fiber-made base as a basis in the conventional technologies overcoming the problem of uncomfortable feelings such as
steamy feeling by moisture on the surface of the hand that can be sufficiently reduced.

Financial information

The invention is a significant upgrade in the current state of the art, i.e. medical gloves, and has exceptional commercial viability. The target market for the invention relates to all industrial fields where disposable gloves are used on a regular and prolonged basis.

The invention is open to both sale and licensing to interested enterprises and individuals.

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