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[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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The invention relates to a capsule-type fire extinguisher which is also capable of controlled release of the fire retarding agent, in case of a small fire.

The invention is a new and better fire extinguisher for commercial and domestic buildings which has the abilities of a conventional hand fire extinguisher but also takes into the
positive aspects of the capsule extinguishers and their maneuverability. The disclosed invention also utilizes the art of passive fire extinguishing.

The invention primarily comprises a spherical container housing the fire extinguishing agent and an air valve and its trigger on the top side of its structure. It also comprises of an external handle that aids the operating personnel to roll at about 9Cf with respect to the ground into the fire for optimal rotation. It has the necessary apparatus for the operation of the air valve and on the front end is the nozzle of the trigger apparatus. The entire structure is made of suitable materials like steel, iron or likewise which are dense enough to contain the required pressure and considerably cheap to manufacture.

Financial information

The invention is a significant upgrade in the current state of the art, i.e. Fire Extinguisher, and has exceptional commercial viability. The target market for the invention relates to all industrial fields where Fire Extinguishers are used on a regular and prolonged basis.

The invention is open to both sale and licensing to interested enterprises and individuals.

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