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System and Method for Optical Security Firewalls

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories - Telecommunications- Audio - Video]
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FLORA - Firewall Locked Optical Retrieval Assimilator

There is a method and system for a hardware based bidirectional firewall in computer communications, which utilizes the transfer of information from an optical display to a separate server thereby eliminating unauthorized entry into the server and prohibiting access to the stored information. This may include a computer communication system for the transmission or receiving of data, or both, which system comprises, data processor server computer; a terminal for the computer; a data processor connected to the computer; a display monitor to display data from the terminal; and an optical scanner to receive or transmit data from the data processor to the display monitor. The optical scanner is constructed and arranged to create an electronic security gap between the display monitor and the data processor and computer.

This is a very unique hardware based firewall system that can provide significant protection against unauthorized access to mainframe/server data. The technology is referred to as "FLORA" (Firewall Locked Optical Retrieval Assimilator). It could very likely benefit most forms of security. Applications in defense, intelligence, banking, communications, commercial businesses, and many others will increase cyber security protection.

FLORA is the only firewall that blocks Quantum Computer Systems.

There is a reasonable probability that it will have several applications - its use has many applications. Also the proprietary intellectual property that will develop in divisions and continuations in part are very significant.
I am sure you will have a positive view of the technology from a development and/or use perspective.
This technology will be part of IT security in the future.I believe it will a major part of all systems including mainframes and servers. There is are several applications for cell phones and automobiles.