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Origami energy shading acoustic system curved non-curved facades.

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Keywords: shading, blind, roman blind, solar, photovoltaic, energy, origami, foldable, folding, Acoustic optimization

General information

Thank you for your interest in our innovative idea - OSE Origami - Shading - Energy
In this document we would like to present you only the idea in written form as short as possible. For more information, please refer to the document OSE Pitch 2022.pdf and OSE Investors sheet.pdf.

OSE is a foldable system, made of fabric/medium for shading windows and glazing.

The system can shade curved glazing or components in one piece, without any segmentation, contrary to conventional roller blinds.

Even three-dimensionally curved components can be shaded. And of course, any "normal" glazing or component can also be served with this system.

This means a continuous optical uniform impression. The folding system, which was developed from origami, is visually extremely appealing and is particularly well suited for modern buildings. It has an optical "future" character.

OSE is therefore much more than a roller blind - OSE is a 4 in 1 - System
• It provides shade
• It can simultaneously generate energy while providing shade
• It is at the same time an acoustic element that optimizes sound/noise • It is an unsegmented technical folding solution

There are various forms of participation to choose from. See document OSE Investors sheet.pdf.

Patent text:
The invention relates to a roman blind for providing privacy, light, dust and/or noise protection, comprising a pre-folded panel element (1), wherein the folds (3, 4) thereof are defined by fold lines in the the flat spread-out state, wherein the panel element (1) can be optionally extended along a main direction (2) or pushed together to form a packet, wherein the panel element (1) has pleat-like main folds (3) running transverse to the main direction (2), wherein the panel element (1) has additional folds (4) deviating from the course of the main folds (3), and wherein at least sections of the panel element (1), in particular the envelope end thereof, have a curved contour (12) and shape in the normal plane of the main direction (2).

Financial information

We offer several ways to participate in the innovation:

- one time payment for all

- Upfront payment + participation on future sales

- Partnership: bringing the Proof of concept model to the next stage, investment in building a fabric , investment for developing the market strategie.

- Partnership with me and a global player:
I have interested international sales partner with LOI.

BUT: This all needs a serious personally conversation, to understand the product and the market value + possibilities.
Send me your e-mail, and we arrange a Skype call.

nice regards
[Use the button below to contact me]

Market volume source
Shadowing: 2018: 3615 million USD > 2025: 4355 million USD
Solar: 2018: 10,784 million USD > 2025: 14,529 million USD

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