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Super-Fly Wheel

[Category : - Toys and games- Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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( We reinvented the skate wheel)

(I was a finalist on season #3 Everyday Edisons 2008)

 My name is Daniel Glosky. We have a U.S. Patent on a new type of Skate Wheel. Read the = Official Patent Gazette, March 27, 2007 , week 13, number 1316-4 , Patent 7,195,252 ( Save Human Energy Green Product)

Our product will be sold as a kit. One wheel will be used to replace with the one of the 4 or 5 wheels on the skate, skate board, cross county skiing etc.

Our product is functional, simple to use, Makes the sport easier and safer.

Makes user feel good and has an element of magic. (Suggested retail price ($35. U.S. per 2 wheel set.)

For starting rapidly on our skates the child or adult would have a sure footing to push off on.

Originally we were thinking about our little children and how they get injured on their skates because the skates can go forward or backward. Our wheel allows the child or adult to (help) stand without tripping or falling. It also allows them to walk up some inclines with little Danger of rolling backwards.

Skate the way you walk or run. The wheels are good for leisure skating where one does not wish to compete and just wants to enjoy yourself. ( have fun. )

Our wheels are designed with a one-way motion. There have not been many changes in the skate since the inline skate; Super Fly Wheel will change that.

We have (Super Fly Wheel) hot products for demand purposes in the free market with long life planes.

They will generate High Profit Margins without end user Resistance.

Remember this is a kit and there are millions of skaters out there that will buy it once they see what it can do and how it feels. Our product will fill a need and is useful. It has unique consumer appeal and the construction is practical and cost effective.

The experienced professional skater and artistic roller dancers can achieve new standards of excellence never reached before now by mixing our wheel with other sizes.

Our wheel is equipped with a precision bearing called a roller clutch and is the most sophisticated bearing used in a skate, it also is the fastest bearing Max. RPM 14000.

Our millennium wheel has a Start-Stop grip 1/4 (.250) strip designed on the (O.D.) outside diameter. The strip is .050 high, when the strip wears off you have used .100 thousands off the O.D. this indicates you are losing surface speed. And it is a good idea to change wheels.

The engineering and wheel design, packaging are complete.

( All that is needed is manufacturing and marketing. )

For more information about Selling, Licensing or manufacturing rights of this product please contact:

Name: Daniel Glosky

Email: [Use the button below to contact me]

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