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STEREOPSIS CAMERA / 3D Camera / Artificial human Eyes for Blinds

[Category : - Educational- Advertising methods- Audio - Video]
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Trial video for explaining the Principle


This technology will help to provide artificial vision to Blind People.

An objective of the present invention is Stereopsis Camera for stereopsis motion- picture photography and, in particular, it is capable of photographing stereopsis images on a Digital Image Sensor which may be processed and projected to give the viewer a three-dimensional perception of the original scene even to people with limited or no vision in one eye. Stereopsis camera comprises Stereoscopic image splitter to split the optical axis into two for intersecting at the plane of focus. Stereopsis camera accessories as 1. stereoscope image filter, 2. Anaglyph stereoscope image filter, 3. Liquid crystal stereoscope image filter, 4. Anaglyph stereoscope image filter for Print Media is detachably attachable to a stereopsis camera to opt for the time-based stereopsis and filtering the stereoscope images.

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