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Method and related systems for communication via ELF and ULF waves

[Category : - Telecommunications]
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The present disclosure provides a method for long range communication through underwater and underground environments by converting encoded message data into spherical coordinates and rotating a magnet about axes of rotation corresponding to those spherical coordinates at a transmitter. A receiver configured to detect the magnetic dipole field of the generated electromagnetic wave can thus determine the orientation of the magnetic dipole, deduce the spherical coordinates, and decipher the encoded data. A system comprising a mechanical antenna transmitter and receiver with a magnetic field sensor arrangement for carrying out the method is also provided.

Financial information

In harsh environments, the majority of electromagnetic waves can't achieve wireless communication over medium to long range. Only extremely/super and ultra-low frequency waves (ELF, SLF and ULF) can achieve this communication over medium to long depths. The traditional generation of these waves requires very large size antennae with huge electrical power consumption. These drawbacks narrow the applications of this technology down to military and other specific applications.

Our patent presents a novel method and systems for generating and receiving extremely/super and ultra-low frequency waves. The proposed method can achieve a data transmission rate sufficient to send real-time text messages, instructions and sensor data and enables a transmission rate from five to ten times higher than the available ELF and ULF communication techniques.

Potential customers:
Underwater autonomous vehicles (UAV) designers and manufacturers in, the deep-sea mining industry especially for safety and communication and underwater telemetry applications.

Market opportunity:
The underground mining equipment market size is 26.9 B$ in 2021 and will be worth 33.1 B$ by 2027 with a CAGR of 3.5%.
The autonomous underwater vehicle market is estimated to be valued at 1.5 B$ in 2021 and will be worth 4.3 B$ by 2026 with a CAGR of 23.1%.