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Treatment for Phobias

[Category : - HEALTH]
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There are very different types of phobia including nyctophobia which is a phobia for darkness;agrophobia which is a phobia for public places and before we thought the treatment would be just to put that person for example agrophobia in a room full of light that would be it problem solved ; another example if the person is social phobic that means they are afraid of people in crowds then just put them in a crowd of people yeah we have been taught to fight against what we fear most but that's not always the case : through technology we can use a watch to direct the phobic person depending on the phobia the individual has;the watch will be working under the rule that to treat any phobia;you have to provide for the phobic person to experience the feared object under which conditions he or she feels safe for example for an agrophobia the watch might play his favorite song especially if one has Bluetooth earphones any time he or she is in a crowd ;another example is the watch to act like company for the phobic individual whereby through technology we can have a watch he or she talks to a service agent inchrge of problem solving phobia;which gives employment opportunities to others who would be in charge of treating various types of phobia

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l believe this would increase employment opportunities on the people who are going to be listeners to phobic individuals who through technology will use their phones to converse and forget their phobia by putting attention elsewhere and gradually get fully treated from the phobia

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