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New method for user verification (phone unlock) in smart phones

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Computers and computer accessories - Telecommunications]
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This patent provides a novel method for user verification in smart phones, for purposes such as screen unlock etc., using the smart phone's gyroscope.

The method involves identifying the user using a distinctive/unique pattern generated by rotating the phone. This is different from currently existing methods of user verification like password/PIN, facial identification etc. The user can set a unique pattern for unlocking his smart phone by rotating his phone to various angles and keeping it static for some time at those angular positions. The various angular positions at which the phone is held static can be used to generate a unique pattern, and this can be used in place of other currently existing verification methods (like password/PIN etc.).

You can have a look at the patent here: Link (India Patent Office), by searching for the patent using it's application number '3723/CHE/2012'.

Benefit of this new method:
- This is a new method and provides an additional method of verification apart from the traditional methods like password/PIN, facial identification etc.
- Also this method being based on rotation of the phone, can be done without actually seeing the phone e.g. you can hold the phone in a closed enclosure and rotate the phone to unlock it without being seen by anybody. Also it can be used by a visually handicapped person.

Financial information

I am looking for a sale of the patent.

As described in the patent details section this patent can be used in a smart phone app to identify a user (for e.g. phone unlock). I am looking at a pay of just about 250,000 USD for the sale of this patent. I am asking this amount as:
This patent is patented in India, which has a population of about 1.5 billion. If even a 100 million people pay $2 for an app that uses this patent, it would be a revenue of 200 million. I am just asking 0.125% of the amount as my price for the patent, which is $250,000.


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