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Contactless contagious waste disposal equipment

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There is persistent risk of contamination and exposure through improper disposal of contagious waste; The current containers available and used for disposing these contagious waste in medical industry have common shortcomings i.e.
1) user is exposed to the container's inside content of previous disposal
2) Most of the contagious disposal containers are have mechanical moving parts to operate the lid, these moving parts are prone to mechanical failures with usage
3) The current contagious disposal containers require some sort of user contact (either hand or feet) to operate
4) High quality contagious disposal containers are expensive
5) minimal visual differentiation of the container from other dustbins

This design solves all the above issues through its unique design and mechanism that quarantines and disposes contagious waste completely contactless and convenient way;

This affordable and chic bin compliments the aesthetics of the property, while providing a safe environment to its employees, customers and visitors;

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