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Earphones and customized earplugs

[Category : - Swimming]
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A system or kit for a one-stage customized fitment to the ear of an earpiece for earphones comprises: a pre-formed thermoplastic inner earpiece 1 that is hollow, open at each end and adapted to be inserted into the ear and moulded in the ear of a user ; and a scaffold / adaptor 2 which is formed in a shape at one end to receive the earphone and that is ensheathed by the thermoplastic inner earpiece in use. The inner earpiece is suitably substantially frusto-conical in shape and preferably off-set. A special obturator tool or handle 3 is provided to facilitate the custom fitting process. The inner earpiece is formed of the low melting point thermoplastic polycaprolactone and so it can be moulded when heated in hot water. The combination of inner earpiece and adaptor will float in water, perhaps with the aid of a float ring (4, fig 6).

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