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This idea was patented in Japan. The registration number in Japan is 6931954. In addition, it has been opened internationally with the following PCT international application. The international patent application number is PCT/JP2021/038715.

The world is still in the midst of a COVID-19 disaster. Moreover, it can be easily predicted that new viruses and/or bacterium will continue to be the greatest threat to people in the future. The most important thing to stop the spread of infection is to detect the infected person at an early stage.

Fortunately, technology has been developed and commercialized to instantly detect viruses and/or bacteria in air and/or in water. Further technological progress is expected in the near future.
However, there has never been an idea of applying access control (Entry/exit person identification means) to identify or narrow down infected people.

Therefore, I inspired the following inventions. I hope it will be used in countries as many as possible.
Overview of Claim 1

This infected person identification/narrowing system/method/program has the following three means.

(1) Entry/exit person identification means:
Entry/exit person identification means can detect the entry/exit of a person in a plurality of facilities and/or rooms, and acquire at least one of the person's face image, name and/or other personally identifiable information.
(2) Collection period recording means:
In each of the plurality of facilities and/or rooms, when at least one specific virus and/or bacterium in air and/or in water is detected, or already detected virus and/or bacterium is increased, collection period recording means can record the collection period.
(3) Information centralized management means:
Information centralized management means can centrally manage the information regarding the entry and exit of the person acquired by the entry/exit person identification means and the information regarding the virus and/or bacterium collection period recorded by the collection period recording means.

Persons who have been present at least once in at least two facilities and/or rooms in which the virus and/or bacterium has been detected during the period of collection can be identified or narrowed down as suspected infections. The infected person identification/narrowing system, method and program characterized by being able to do so.

In addition to Claim 1, there are 18 claims that are subordinate to Claim 1.

Provided is a system that can quickly identify or shortlist a person who is suspected of being infected when a specific virus or similar has been detected in a plurality of rooms or similar. An infected person identifying/shortlisting system, method, and program, characterized by comprising: in each of a plurality of rooms or similar, a means 3 that detects the entrance/exit of a person and acquires a facial image or the name of said person, and/or other information with which an individual can be identified; in each of the plurality of rooms or similar, a means 6 that, when a virus or similar has been detected in air and/or in water, records the time period during which the virus or similar was collected; and a means 12 that manages, in a centralized manner, information relating to the entrance/exit of the person and information relating to the time period during which the virus or similar was collected, wherein said infected person identifying/shortlisting system, method, and program have been configured so as to be able to identify or shortlist, as a person suspected of being infected, a person who was present at least once in a total of two or more rooms in which the virus or similar was detected, during the respective time periods during which the virus or similar was collected.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale or a license with royalties.

It targets medical/welfare facilities, hospitals, hotels, schools, nurseries, theaters, cruise ships and other ships, aircraft, express trains, restaurants, offices, bathrooms, building entrances, conference rooms, classrooms, cafeterias, etc. That is, it includes the inside of trains, automobiles, aircrafts and ships, etc.
Therefore, the market for access control in various facilities and the market for detecting viruses, etc. are covered.

If you are interested in this invention, I would like to negotiate with you about an outright sale or licensing of this patent right and the acquisition of the right in other countries.

I wish you all your health and happiness.

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