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**Solar Mill Blades and Blast Protection

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Solar mill blades and Blast protection. Either is possible independently. Why contrasting application? Similar generic process can be used for for these products.
There are a very few examples of blast protection materials. One uses a thick glass sheet for blast energy absorption. In this case, energy absorption is very limited. It uses a flat sheet- this is another limitation.
It is proposed to use SPC (single polymer composite); this is a new material. There are manufacturing variable to suit specific applications. One routine manufacturing has been fixed for majority of applications.
It uses very tiny sub units to fuse together. This allows huge energy absorption during a blast process. Product can be shaped to allow proper fitting to the object. Product ready for testing.
Another Application:
"Solar mill blades are very heavy. SPC material used here has very low density of 0.95gm/cc. Thus, a very significantly performance could be achieved. Sample ready for testing. Same generic SPC samples, as described above, could be used for the application.

Financial information

This is a unique application thereby it suggests huge profit margin possibility. Another point in favor is the cost of input material, is quite low and this material is mass produced, is readily available.
There are several applications of blast protection materials, e.g., protecting people, vehicles and property.
If working together helps, it will be provided. 'Samples ready for further testing'. Made for (repeated) over ten years. Patentable as of this day. Completely recyclable. Work together for profit sharing model possibility. Every country may require many. Low initial cost: both as (1) Technology transfer and (2) Project implementation level. World-wide demand of products and technology.
There is significant possibility of "technology transfers". There could be very high profit on technology transfer to others. Indian patent granted for the process for very different application. Anybody supporting a technology transfer, get advantage of the effort.
There is major advantage of similar process for two different major applications. There is similarity of machines and input materials. so that machines are fully utilized.
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