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I am looking for an out right sale of this patent.
The is a sale for Patent Only for $100,000.00..

This invention (patent) was NOT created to take the place of a parent feeding their child but to only assist them when they need 3 hands. How many times has a parent been at their own kitchen table and wanted to eat with the rest of the family but needed to feed the baby a bottle at the same time. This is a great product to place a baby in a bouncer at the kitchen table and use "The Helper" to feed the baby while the rest of you eat. Please NEVER leave the baby alone in another room with this device or any other device that places a bottle in the mouth of an infant unless you can supervise the child at all times. If you are preparing lunch or dinner and the baby is crying because they are hungry than you can use "The Helper" to assist you. This is a product that in the right hands can make lots of money. Just take a look at the internet and similiar products and see whats selling. Because you would own the Patent if anyone on the market wants to use any part of the patent then they must pay you royalties for that use.

A question was sent to me about the baby possibly choking on the bottle. Any one person can see that the bottle slides from side to side when the baby moves his or her head. If the baby spits up or begins to choke the babys first reaction is to spit out what ever is in his or her mouth. If the baby moves his or her head the nipple is released from the babys mouth. This invention is not meant to take the place of a parent feeding his or her child but to help assist him or her while they do other tasks in view. I as a mother have bought many gadgets that did not work to try an help feed my child while I cooked or cleaned. A child can be in a bouncer on the floor or table and "The Helper" can help feed your child. YES you can NOT leave a child alone with this device or any other feeding device in risk of choking. This is with any gadget. This is a great invention that is patented with great potientials. Please e-mail me with any questions.

The Helper would faciliate feeding infants or toddlers from a bottle at home or during travel. Designed with comfort in mind, the invention also would free up time for parents to accomplish other household tasks. In addition, the Helper would be easy for parents to operate with car seats, strollers or baby bouncer seats. The original design was submitted to the telemarketing office of InventHelp (formerly Invention Submission Corp). It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. The patent is also for sale. This is perfect for new parents, grandparents or daycare providers. The inventor's personal experiences as a mother to two young children led to the idea for the Helper. "When my son was 6 weeks old, I was tired and could not get out of bed. I needed a way to make it easier to feed him while I cleaned". InventHelp has all of the information and has worked with me for over 3 years on this invention.

InventHelp is a company that takes your idea and puts it in front of several different companies. They help you patent the idea. They create a small manual with all of your information and creates a prototype of your idea on paper. They also create a report on your most targeted areas for this product to sell in.

The sale will consist of all of the materials that InventHelp has put together since 2004 Valued at $10,000.00. All of the notes and leads to this invention. This started out as an idea and is now Patented # 7188810. Payment can be made as a wire transfer or certified check.

Once funds are verified thru the bank all documents will be transferred and overnighted to new owners. I will also be available at anytime for help as well.


Contact: Sonja Lasky
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I am looking for an out right sale of this patent. No proto type has been created. The is a sale for Patent and T-Shirt Saying for $100,000.00..

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