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The Strom Proof Light Post

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Nowadays super cyclones, flash floods, and landslides are becoming the main reason for power outages for months in remote parts of many nations due to uprooted electricity posts and destroyed roads in those mentioned natural disasters, also those collapsed electric posts cause electric shock hazard. Restoration of electricity in those rural/remote areas take months if not years due to re-installation of new electric posts for overhead wiring. As we all know without electricity or communication link every essential service like hospital/health centre etc. stops and people suffer.
My invention tries to solve those problems by creating a storm proof electric post (SPL) and overhead wiring system which is capable of withstanding those natural disasters.
The advantages of SPL are as follows:
1. SPL posts are 5 times more durable and safe than normal electrical posts.
2. SPL posts are capable of handling heavy load capacity, so quite a few posts are needed than ordinary posts for electrification of certain areas.
3. It comes with electrical shock proof and rust proof design which provide longer lifespan and increased safety from electric shock.
4. SPL posts can survive natural disasters such as cyclonic storms, tsunamis, heavy snowfall, floods, flash floods in extreme high and low temperatures. Also overhead electric wirings are protected by guard wires which prevent snap of electric wire due to falling of tree or tree branches in storm or flood.
5. This post installation procedure can be done in conventional methods, no special heavy equipment or tools are needed. Unskilled persons can build the foundation and installation under proper guidance.

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