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[Category : - Bathroom]
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A device for characterizing substances in a scene, the device including a housing having a cavity configured to contain the substances, an opening for receiving the substances, an imager for capturing an image of the substances, an illumination source for illuminating the substances, a sensor for obtaining sensory data of the substances, a gas supply device for storing and inserting gas into the housing, a mechanical arm for inserting or removing the substances into or from the device via the opening, a syringe to add a material into the housing, a pump for creating a vacuum in the device, an air pump to suck air from the housing and removing the substances from the housing, a fan for cooling the housing, a fluid injector for inserting fluid into the housing, and a processor in communication with the imager and the sensor imaging module. The processor receives the sensory data and the captured images, and compares them to a. database to identify the characteristics of the substances.