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Rain guard for headwear

[Category : - Baseball]
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A rain guard for headwear is configured to removably attach to a leading edge of a brim for the headwear. The rain guard creates a channel for collected water on the brim of the headwear to be diverted to either side of the headwear as opposed to directly in front of a wearer. Over the years baseball helmets for the hitter and base runners have become common safety equipment and have undoubtably saved many lives. However one unfortunate side effect of there use is the fact that rainwater is prone to running off of the top of the helmet and off the center of the brim when the batter is in a batting position. As baseball is often played in light rain and drizzle, the vision obstructions can lead to missed hits and ultimately affect the outcome of the game. Accordingly,there exists a need for a means by which rainwater from batting helmet brims can be redirected to avoid the problem as described above. The development of the rain guard for headwear fulfills this need.