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Ocean Wave Powered Electricity Production

[Category : - ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING- Pumps]
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This a a wave powered pump for converting ocean waves into electricity.

There is a race by the Department of Energy for using the power of the ocean (Powering the Blue Economy) to produce clean electricity and this patent solves that problem. There is also a working prototype.

The way it works is it uses a float that goes up and down to power a pump instead of a handle. Once you lift water to a higher elevation then traditional hydro turbines produce the electricity when the water is released back into the ocean. It is hydro power without the expense of the dam.

As a rule of thumb for every cubic foot of water pumped per second that equals powering 3 average homes. A small single pump can power 1,000's of homes.

There is no current solution that can compete with this technology and it would put a major dent in solar and wind..

It can also be used to convert ocean water to drinking water.

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