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Kayak/Stand-Up Paddle board Hybrid Paddle

[Category : - Fitness- Boating- Swimming]
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This allows a Kayak Paddle to double as a Stand-Up Paddle Board Paddle. Mainly, it allows the user to experience a smoother side-to-side transition when stand-up paddling.

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A hybrid paddle for use in both a standing and a kneeling position is disclosed. The paddle has a shaft terminating in a blade at each end. At or near each throat or junction between the shaft and a blade is a handle. The handle has a grip sufficiently offset from the blade to allow a user to grip the handle without his or her hand colliding with the blade. While kneeling, the user grips the shaft with both hands, and alternates the placement of the blades in the water. While standing, the user grasps the handle with one hand and the shaft with the other hand, and a single blade is placed in the water. In this way, the same paddle is used in both the standing and kneeling positions, and the user can alternate between standing and kneeling as desired.

Financial information

I am looking to sell the patent outright; or to set-up an exclusive licensing arrangement for this invention.

It is brand new to the SUP (Stand-Up Paddle ) boarding and kayaking world. It can also benefit canoers.

The United States SUP market alone is estimated to be a marketplace greater than 1 billion dollars annually. (see link below)