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Renewable and sustainable energy

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In short, I have innovation in the field of alternative energy
based on physical and mathematical theories and accurate engineering calculations.

Presenting the process of this innovation :
A water tank is placed in a high place or a high tank is built, and it is better to use the high areas to build a water tank to reduce costs, and the water is dropped on the generators to circulate them to generate electricity. Of course, there is energy that will raise the water, but this energy has a material cost of zero, and this lifting depends on the laws of physics that were established by the science of physics.

Note that I am ready to conduct a practical laboratory experiment on the method of raising water at my own expense.

The features of this innovation:

1- It works in the same way as water dams, and it is known that dams generate very large energy, and therefore we can get the amount of electricity we need

2 - It does not require a large area to establish a generating station, but it has the same areas needed by gas or fuel-powered power stations.

3 - it depends on the weather, such as wind energy that needs air to rotate turbines or solar panels that need to be continuously cleaned of dust from solar panels because dust reduces their reception of sunlight and also in winter the sun is very weak, especially in cold areas, except for that, the high batteries Replacing it when damaged is equivalent to 70% of the value of the station.

4 - The cost of construction is reduced by the equivalent of 25% of the alternative energy currently available. For example, the cost of establishing each 1 megawatt is between 1,200,000 to 1,800,000 dollars, according to international sources, the first of which is the International Energy Agency, while this innovation is less than the percentage you mentioned. previously .

5- The available height can be used to build the upper reservoir, even if it is mountainous areas, for example, or elevated areas, even if it is 1000 meters. We got more power and with my invention I can return the water to the upper tank as much as the water fell

If this kind of advancement holds your interest, I'm ready to cooperate together in the interests of everyone, and to find an appropriate contract formula.

Important note/ I have not yet filed any patent for this innovation, nor in any country in the world for a reason that concerns me personally. second thing is that the field of negotiation is open with the company that wants to cooperate with me to present a joint patent according to the agreement

Best regards ,,,,,

Sameer kseibi
Email :[Use the button below to contact me]
Tel : 00966551243563

I live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Syrian natio

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