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[Category : - Motors]
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The invention relates a process for all internal combustion engines types to control the pressure and/or the temperature inside the combustion chamber at the time of ignition of combustion, despite that the air/fuel mixture is maintained close of stoichiometry ratio. It mainly based on high compression by an auxiliary compressor of air. This air is accumulated in a reservoir. The purpose is to have two sources of compressed air with a large gape of temperature, where one source is relatively cold and corresponding to the ambient environment, and the other source is relatively hot, heated by the heat energy recovered from exhaust gases. The intake compressed air is carried out with predetermined quantity from both sources as an injection into the cylinder which contains part of the burnt gases from the previous combustion cycle, kept with predetermined quantity. This is possible because the engine operates with a two-stroke cycle

It improves the overall energy efficiency of the engine and limits the polluting emissions produced such as soot, carbon monoxide CO, carbon dioxide CO2 and nitrogen oxides NOx, due to the following characteristics for any type of an internal combustion engines:
- Converting a maximum of the heat energy of combustion into mechanical energy.
- Generating the more optimal pressure and/or temperature for combustion regardless of the load.
- Respecting to the proportions close to the stoichiometry ratio regardless the load.
- Optimizing the mixture inside the cylinder by increasing the turbulent intensity and the circulation of the gases.
Eliminating the losses due to the pumping during the intake spatially at low load.
- Saving part of the energy required to the compression.
- Recovering the energy of the engine when is idling without an external load in the form of compressed air.
- Recovering part of the heat energy of the exhaust gases.
- Recovering part of the kinetic energy during braking in the form of compressed air.
- Reducing losses due to friction between the mechanical parts (two-stroke cycle engine).
- Decreasing the overall weight of the engine (two-stroke cycle engine).
- Decreasing the size of the engine (two-stroke cycle engine).

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