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Grill with a split lid- Design Patent

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Cooking]
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A grill with a split lid that allows the user to safely and efficiently manage cooking food items. The grill includes a housing body, a first split lid, a second split lid, a grill tray, a charcoal tray, and a support-structure assembly. The first split lid and the second split lid cover and provide access to the housing body. The split lid and the second split lid are positioned opposite to each other, across a main opening of the housing body. The first split lid is laterally and hingedly connected to a first lateral sidewall of the housing body. Similarly, the second split lid is laterally and hingedly connected to a second lateral sidewall of the housing body. The support-structure assembly is adjacently mounted to the housing body, opposite the main opening. The grill tray and the charcoal tray are each laterally and slidably mounted into the housing body.

Financial information

Based on the industry data included in the report, the following is a financial projection. As the
total industry revenue is estimated to be around $1.2 billion, it is assumed that the patent
holder can capture an optimistically conservative 0.5% of the US market, generating an annual
revenue of approximately $6 million in year 1. Assuming a net 30% profit after subtracting
COGS and operating costs, the annual EBITDA is $1.8 million and is projected to grow at an
average 2.5% each year, in line with industry trends. For the remaining estimated 19-year life of
the patent and a discount rate of 15%, the NPV of the patent is $12,782,453. Factoring a 5%
variance, the following is the final valuation range.
Final Patent Valuation Range
$12.1 million to $13.4 million

I’m asking for $1.5 million for both the utility and design patent.