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Desalination + power plant

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A nuclear powerplant that uses the heat from a reactor to boil sea water allowing for the boiled water and salt to be collected separately and the steam can be run through a turbine to generate electricity. this would allow for the generation of power and clean water for human consumption

This patent discloses an innovative integrated system designed for efficient dual-purpose use, harnessing nuclear energy for both electricity generation and freshwater production. The system includes a nuclear reactor core, a boiler system to produce steam from seawater, a steam turbine and generator for electricity generation, a desalination unit utilizing steam for freshwater production, and a freshwater collection system. Its advantages lie in optimizing nuclear energy, reducing waste, and promoting environmental sustainability. The invention is adaptable to various scales, suitable for regions with freshwater scarcity, coastal areas, and locations with existing nuclear infrastructure, offering a scalable and eco-friendly solution to meet the rising global demands for electricity and freshwater.
heres the smart arse version of it

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