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Safety device in a door

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Life-saving; Fire-fighting- ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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A door safety device designed as a part of the integral ironmongery of the door which by flashing red or green acts as a way finding tool and door safety (for passage) status indicator.
Utilizing the internationally recognized system of lighting to direct traffic from a building with bespoke preprogrammed directional exit strategies linked to fire and building management systems. Which could be changed live during an event to indicate areas that are unsafe or preferred routes of exit by on or off site command and control.
Seen as particularly useful in large buildings, hotels schools hospitals or residences with "STOP / GO" policies.
Variable shapes and sizes, could be integrated with door handles and locking systems on non fire doors.
VIDEO - "Proof of concept" available by contact
A door 10 including an integrated safety device 100, comprising: an indicator 114 configured to indicate the safety of the door or a direction, a receiver, a controller and a power supply. The indicator may include a light source which could be an LED. There may be two colours of LED and the light source may be arrow shaped. There may be a translucent panel on the door and/or translucent beading. The door may have an intumescent seal. The receiver may receive a signal from a sensor or an override signal from a remote device and the door may be part of a network that comprises a second door. A building that comprises the door or the network, and a method of indicating the safety status of a door or a direction is also claimed.

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