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Wind resistant paper plate holder

[Category : - OTHER- Camping and Outdoors ]
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This product was designed to prevent outdoor dining activities from being ruined by the wind. When using paper plates outside, the wind can easily blow plates off the table ruining an otherwise perfect experience.
The unique design also enables the user to hold, and carry, their flimsy paper plate - think Tailgating!
While some paper plate holders only fit a specific size plate, the design of this product allows the use of similar sized plates that can vary up to 3/4' in diameter.
Depending on the material used in assembly, and the material and thickness of the table on which it is used, this product has been tested to withstand winds up to 50 mph! If someone is dining outside in winds over 20mph, there is probably some other issue at hand that won't be resolved by this product!

While there are other existing options for holding paper plates, there are no others that stand up to the wind or accommodate plates of varying sizes.

Financial information

I am seeking an outright sale of this patent. Also included are the mold (and connection to the molding company that is in the US), existing inventory of over 1500 units,

This product was briefly marketed but has not been presented to any large company.
The paper plate market in the US is well over 200 million people per year. Selling the product to a very small portion of this huge market will generate a very large ROI.

Materials used in previous marketing efforts, as well as domain name can also available.