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The invention belongs to the field of systems that enable the connection of supply and demand through communication networks
market, more precise supply and demand of various services.
Technical problem
10 The inventor observed that it is best to choose a service provider based on a recommendation. However, such a procedure is quite
time-consuming and expensive, considering that a person who needs a service, eg carpet cleaning, should first call one of their
friends or leave a message on the forum asking who knows a good service or a person who cleans carpets.
This prompted the inventor to design a system that finds interested bidders in a very short time
15 specific services requested by the user, and at the same time gives the user a specific recommendation for each provider-specific service.
With this invention, the time to find a suitable reliable service provider has been significantly shortened. Furthermore, this one
invention is especially important when it comes to small-value services in the range of 10 to 100 EUR, for which they are too expensive
20 costs of reclamation and general appeals and objections. It is a self-regulating system of supply and demand which
simultaneously evaluates the service provider, as well as the users of the services.
However, the system presented in this invention can also be used for special specialist services, for example, if it is a service
restorations where a person has to do very expensive work for a couple of weeks.
Systems that use mobile or similar devices to match supply and demand are known in the market, for example
use of taxi transport services. The user requests transportation by taxi, enters the time and place where he is, and receives a confirmation on his mobile phone about which taxi will come to pick him up. In such an organization, everything happens in
direct communication between taxi drivers or taxi service users and users of transportation services.
This system expands the possibilities of existing solutions since it contains databases of users and service providers
that have gone through the registration process, ensures continuous assessment of service providers, but also of service users, and as such represents a significant step forward compared to the current state of the art.
The system for connecting the supply and demand of services consists of one or more devices of the service user for communication with
system, one or more devices of the service provider for communication with the system, a database of service users, database
data of the service provider and the software application for managing the system, whereby the software application in question
based on at least one need of a service user for a specific service, searches the provider's database
service to identify at least one service provider. The database of service users is growing
by registering each new user, but at the same time expanding the record of the existing user who actively uses the services,
45 regard, service providers evaluate the behavior of service users. On the other hand, the database of service providers
also increases with the registration of each new service provider, but at the same time, the record of the existing provider is an expanded
service provider who provided a specific service, in such a way that his rating is increased or decreased. If it provides
high-quality and affordable services, its rating increases, which means that all future services will be ahead of other providers,
that is, they will be able to raise the price of their service. On the other hand, if the service provider provides poor services, the services are low
50 quality or behaves quarrelsomely towards the service user, such service provider will receive negative evaluations, his
rating will drop, and will no longer be able to provide services, that is, service users themselves will eliminate it in a way that
will no longer use his services due to negative reviews. Such a service provider will not even be available again
to register in the system. This system works in such a way that every active user of the service registers in the specified system
the way to first access the application, then enters the user's data, the user's identity is checked, and if the user's identity is false, the user's registration is rejected, or the registration is approved) and the user's data is entered into the database
of service users. The process of entering data about the user takes place in such a way that the user's name and surname are entered first, then
the address of the user, the date and place of birth of the user, and the identification number of the user are entered. Any active provider
services are registered in this system by first accessing the application, and then entering information about the service provider,
the identity of the service provider is checked, and if it is false, the registration of the service provider is rejected, i.e
60 registrations is approved and information about the service provider is entered into the service provider's database.

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