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Awesome paint tool there is nothing like it.

[Category : - Tools]
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A paint roller removal tool has two semi-cylindrical portions and a hinge connecting them to form a cylinder in the closed position. By squeezing the cylinder, over top of a paint roller cover, first and second inner rings engage the roller cover to remove paint as the paint roller removal tool is moved from one end to another. One, two, three or more passes can be made to remove paint from the roller cover. Squeezing the cylinder further allows firm gripping of the roller cover to enable it to be removed from the paint roller frame and/or attached to the paint roller frame without a hand ever touching the roller cover.

Financial information

Features/selling points
- 21st century design
- 2 tools in 1
- for 3/8” nap size
- extracts paint from rollers 100%, reuse rollers save money
- clean roller in less than 4min, save time
- the tool can put on and take off rollers from the frame
- makes cleaning the roller a lot faster
- makes cleaning the roller a lot easier
- fits nicely in the palm of your hands
- control with the palm of your hand
- spring action cylinder, lets you control the amount of pressure
you want to exert on the roller
- the cylinder wraps around the entire roller no gaps
- the only way to clean paint from a roller100% is to squeeze it out,
this paint tool does exactly that.

- 4” high, 3” wide
- on the inside at the top of cylinder there is a set of solid rings
- at the bottom of cylinder there is a set of rings with cut outs.
-these cutouts dig into the nap when you want to take the roller
off the frame
- at the back there is 2 spring hinges