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[Category : - Agriculture]
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Introducing an advanced Photobioreactor engineered for efficient microalgae cultivation. Our patented system prioritizes optimal light exposure, precise temperature control, and stringent contamination prevention, resulting in exceptional biomass yield. Its applications span biofuel production, wastewater treatment, and nutraceuticals, making it a valuable asset for sustainable solutions.

Our invention is a Photobioreactor constructed with an inflatable transparent polymer sleeve positioned at a slight inclination. This sleeve is sandwiched between frames with wire nettings below and glass panes above. It features terminal sections in fluid communication with headers for gaseous medium and microalgae suspension supply and removal. This unique design allows for precise control over cultivation conditions, making it a valuable tool for microalgae growth and research.

It offers the best of both worlds of tubular photobioreactors and open raceway microalgae cultivation, combining the advantages of both systems in a unique design