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[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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1. A system for creating a Flat File based Secured Cloud Storage and Big Data Management mechanism that uses a flat file in a cloud environment for storing end users data through service usage in the user/s defined data storage, rnwherein said system comprising:rna data access module comprises a sub-module mechanism of data collection from external sources to collect plurality of external data of different types from external sources as an input through a service interface, rnand a sub-module mechanism of data storage through services, adapted to store the external data directly into said flat file based cloud storage;rna meta data handler module, adapted to create a metadata dynamically through the parallel operation of the sub-module mechanism of data storage,rnwherein said meta data handler module adapted for operating the metadata to enable said data collection form the flat file based cloud storage; and a data retrieval module, adapted to retrieve a requested data as per on-demand need after collecting them from the Flat file based cloud storage.rnrn2. The system as claimed in claim 1, comprises an interface provided using software service model, wherein said interface adapted to receive user’s data as input and provides the requested data as per on-demand need.rnrn3. The system as claimed in claim 1, wherein said data access module further comprises, a sub-module for metadata creation adapted to store the data overview about the stored data through the Metadata handler module to maintain 25 dynamicity.rnrn4. The system as claimed in claim 1, wherein said data retrieval module is divided into two individual sub-modules that includesrn a sub-module for data retrieval using metadata, rnand a sub-module for data retrieval using particular query.rnrn5. The system as claimed in claim 4, wherein the sub-module for data retrieval using metadata shows the data response form the view of metadata to provide an overall view of the selected data from metadata.rnrn6. The system as claimed in claim 4, wherein the sub-module for direct retrieval using particular query, enable users to get the exact view of a requested data.rnrn7. The system as claimed in claim 6, wherein, database creation, data storage and data handling are performed through web services of the SaaS level in the cloud environment.rnrn8. The system as claimed in claim 1 comprises: a security module configured to encrypt the data entered by user through the interface using a key derived from a biological information of said user; and decrypt the data when queried for display to end user using the key derived from said biological information of the user.rnrn9. The system as claimed in claim 8, wherein said data retrieval module configured to retrieve the encrypted data from the data storage against a query entered through the interface and to display the retrieved data decrypted through the security module.rnrn10. The system as claimed in claim 1, wherein a master table comprising a list of users along with their password is maintained to keep the record which user can access which data storage.rnrn11. The overall system is able to handle ever increasing BIG DATA in cloud environment with proper security. Throughout the system the data management can be handled through Application services in which secured flat files be considered as the data repository.rnrn12. The overall system simplifies the data storage by using flat files. Throughout the system the obstacles for using Flat files as the database has been solved module wise as claimed in the above. To fit the huge ever increasing data for cloud environment the virtualization technique has been considered, And for fastest data retrieval Map reduce procedure has used. rnrn12. the implementation of the overall system is user friendly because any type of end users may be skilled users or may be unskilled users can store their personified data in this secured data repository. For private data, except data owner, the top management can view their data. For public data, except data owner and the top management, data can be viewed publicly. In this system data modification can be possible only by the data owner.

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