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A close prototype of the claimed method for underwater and deep-sea mining of gold nuggets and
platinum and devices for its implementation are missing.
The objective of the invention is to create a new technology for underwater industrial mining of precious metal nuggets at any depth of seas and oceans.
The goal is achieved by selecting nuggets from the bottom soil, WITHOUT LIFTING
of this soil from the bottom to the surface, and the depth of the bottom does not play a fundamental role in the efficiency of the extraction result of the claimed invention.
Implementation of technology when performing the following actions - The gold-containing bottom pulp is drawn in by a pump and passed between the stators of an electromagnetic motor and the nuggets are separated by a running magnetic field, which snatches the gold nuggets and removes them from the general flow, since the traveling magnetic field has a motion vector away from the general pulp flow, in the accumulator.
Before the claimed invention, underwater mining of gold nuggets in an industrial layer from the bottom of a reservoir without lifting bottom gold-bearing soil to the surface was absent in principle or not mentioned in world sources, and from reservoirs from a depth of more than 200 meters was absent and even absent with the rise of gold-bearing soil.
The GoldFish complex, Link
like everything else, was developed and created in collaboration - Igor Sominsky, Daniil and Aleksandr Krimanovs and patented by the EAPO -The invention is patented as a METHOD and DEVICE;
the refore, it is almost impossible to circumvent the patent formula and study underwater gold mining - underwater electromagnetic separation of diamagnetic materials.

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To understand the degree of attractiveness of the new technology and the logical confirmation of the presence of rich native placers on the seabed and to determine the level of efficiency of underwater exploration and deep-sea mining of gold and platinum using a new method, it is necessary to recall the history of the formation of the environment for its application.

Gold finds its way to the bottom of seas and oceans in a variety of ways. First of all, this is facilitated by rivers, which on their way erode gold-bearing rocks and carry in their streams gold and platinum from the smallest flakes to large nuggets.

Most gold-bearing rivers flow into the seas and, over the course of millions of years, carry nuggets into the coastal zones of the seas and oceans; however, you don’t need to be a specialist to understand that nuggets transported by river currents, in the waters of their mouths and deltas, end up in the wave algorithm sea surf, the ebb/low tide and the return current of which, for centuries, move from the coast to the open sea to medium and great depths, where they are stored in “fat” placers, at least for the last hundreds of thousands of years.

At the same time, industrially speaking, only in the last 400 years did prospectors wash native gold along the banks and valleys of the gold-bearing rivers of California, Kolyma, Chukotka, and Alaska. Moreover, if you look at the geographical location of all the known places of “gold rushes”, you can see the strict parallelism of these gold-native places relative to each other, for example Chukotka - Alaska, Kolyma - California, Australia - Peru, Chile are separated by seas and the so-called sea the “Parallel” area, richly filled with native gold placers at depths that only today, thanks to the technology we offer, are becoming accessible to industrial underwater gold mining.

At the same time, we pay SPECIAL attention to the fact that the development of rich underwater native placers will require much less capital investment than the onshore development of continental deposits.

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