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HANDS-FREE Disposable Plate w/ Pockets - $1800 for 50% equity

[Category : - Food- Camping and Outdoors - Advertising methods]
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HANDS-FREE Disposable Plate with Pockets

Patent Pending $1800 CASH FOR 50% EQUITY


Paper plates have long been widely used on camping trips, picnics, and other social gatherings for convenience and easy disposal.

They are readily available in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and configurations for quick and easily managed meal preparation. The invention herein pertains to these sorts of disposable plates and their applicable usages which are further described.

It is widely accepted that these specific types of plastic or paper disposable plates are accompanied by necessary utensils: forks, knives, and spoons that are often likewise disposable as well.
The problem is the gathering of such disposable utensils while also serving oneself and managing to hold one's plate simultaneously. This issue in certain circumstances i.e. (picnics, buffet gatherings, on the go meals, etc.) can prove quite problematic.

Patent Pending

What is needed is a convenient engineering solution that would conveniently house and place your utensils into side pocket compartments for easy accessibility and secure placement.

Our patent-pending Hands-Free plates easily and securely hold any type of utensils, eating instruments, flatware, etc.) into convenient side pocket inserts that are located on the outside rim of the plate for quick and easy access.

Utensil pockets can accommodate forks, knives, spoons, napkins, condiments, etc., and are engineered beneath the recessed "notched" spaces of the rim, to stack easily.

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